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About Me

I have always been interested in how our feelings influence our thoughts, behaviours and how we form relationships. This led me to study Psychology and eventually train as a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor.


I value connection and appreciate the importance of relationships. This is why the most important part of counselling is the relationship I have with my clients. Creating a space filled with acceptance, open-mindedness, trust and respect is fundamental to my work. As your psychotherapist and counsellor, I put importance to seeing, hearing and understanding your story.


Moving a lot throughout my life allowed me to see and experience different cultures, traditions and values. Living in several countries helped me grow to be a culturally competent practitioner. I understand the difficulties that significant life changes bring and I would be happy to support you in these transitional periods.


I invite clients from all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, races, identities, religions, disabilities, sexuality, age and gender. I value difference and welcome everyone who would like to get support to my counselling practice. I work with teenagers (10+), young adults, adults and senior citizens and provide therapy in both short- (12 session) and long-term basis (open-ended).


I provide psychotherapy and counselling both in English and Turkish.


I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I abide by their respective professional code of ethics and practice.


My Approach to Counselling

I work psychodynamically, psychoanalytically and relationally. This means that I believe that our past experiences and upbringing influence how we feel, think, behave and relate to the world today. I support you by guiding you to find the links between your past experiences and your present difficulties you may be facing. I use a client-led approach to counselling – meaning that I see you as the expert of your life, story and emotions. You decide what to talk about. My role is to help you find clarity to reach your own decisions.


At times we may not be able to pinpoint what is really making us feel sad, anxious, angry and/or stuck. In counselling, we can work together to find the roots of these emotions, get a better understanding of what they serve and ways to develop personally and emotionally.


From experience and observation, I believe that psychotherapy and counselling can support you to understand yourself better, feel compassion and acceptance for yourself and improve your relationships. We can explore your story to identify maladaptive patterns and make sense of your emotions. Through the therapeutic process, we work collaboratively to find ways to access clarity, self-understanding, fulfilment and inner positive change.


Being more in touch with your feelings and developing self-acceptance is a big part of transformation and change. This will allow you to get more from what life has to offer and develop helpful perspectives to look at your experiences.

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