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Areas I Work With

I have spent most of my personal and professional life educating myself on how to best support people. This led me to take on roles that allowed me to gain experience working with people in various areas.



Connection and relationships are core to our existence. This involves family, partnership, friendships, work and more. I have extensive experience working with relationship conflicts, communication issues, separation, divorce, feeling stuck, hesitations, affairs and psychosexual difficulties.



I have studied loss and bereavement extensively throughout my training and clinical practice. Losing a loved one, a pet, somewhere you belonged, self-esteem, fertility or a part of your identity can be difficult. I can support you in these times.



Life gets difficult at times and this brings depressive feelings. I support clients who would like to find motivation, discover triggers, understand the parts of themselves that feel depressed and find healthier ways to face the complexities of life.



Whether it is due to work pressures, burn out, change, health related issues, responsibilities or the unknown future, you may be feeling on edge, panic, anxious or stressed. Together we can find ways for you to feel grounded and work on how to cope with these issues.


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Change can bring many emotions to the surface: identity conflicts, abandonment issues, loneliness, rejection, isolation, anxiety, difficulty making friends or anxiety. Therapy can help you with these transitional periods and support you in your adaptation process.



Working through trauma, domestic violence, neglect, sexual, physical and emotional abuse are some of the issues the safe therapeutic space can be helpful with.

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